Jelly Feet

Introducing the world’s first reusable occlusive foot cover inspired for both Health & Fitness.

The patent-pending solution offers freedom of movement while offering protection from risks that would negatively impact your feet. Jellyfeet™ are extremely durable and are made of non-Latex, non-allergenic materials. Jellyfeet™ are multi-use and are designed for men, women, and children of all ages.

Jellyfeet™ are podiatrist approved and come highly recommended by top leaders in foot care. Our reusable foot covers offers foot hydration by allowing users to apply their favorite moisturizers and medications to their feet while helping with penetration and absorption.

Jellyfeet™ also protects the feet.

They can be worn indoor or outdoor, over socks, stockings, or barefoot.

Made for short-term foot hydration, moisturizing, and protection. Other unique features include; comfort, compression, and water-resistance.