Living Well With Diabetes

There is a one in five chance diabetes will lead to a foot ulcer. More than 60% of non-traumatic lower-limb amputations occur in people with diabetes.

Why do diabetics get to have all this fun?

Because excess blood sugar damages blood vessels. This is also why diabetes can lead to blindness: the small blood vessels in the eyes and toes are affected by high blood sugar first. The damage can affect larger blood vessels and this leads to cold legs, thin skin, and an inability to fight infection.

Blood sugar also damages nerves -this can lead o numbness but also odd sensations. This is why many diabetics complain their feet “feel like boards” or like they are “wrapped in cotton” or even “burning”.

It is possible to avoid ulcers, amputation, painful neuropathy and poor circulation. If these things have happened already it is possible to turn things around. It is possible to live well with diabetes!

Three things can prevent diabetic foot problems.

join a group

daily foot check

stay fit

Read mare details about three things you can do to prevent diabetic foot problems.

Diabetes can lead to serious foot problems, but it doesn’t have to. Having a support system in the form of a diabetic foot program, education, and healthy body can keep diabetic foot problems at bay.

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