Lost Sock Memorial Day


May 9th is a fun and unique holiday, National Lost Sock Memorial Day.  It is time to make use or get rid of all of your single socks, the ones where their mates have been lost to the unknown.  Where do all the missing socks go?  Is there a washing machine heaven?  This is a question that people have been trying to solve for many centuries.

Speaking of socks … did you know that there are special socks for diabetics?

Most diabetic socks on the market are socks that are made to keep the feet dry, decrease the risk of foot injury, and avoid preventing or slowing blood circulation. They usually are made of materials that have superior abilities to manage moisture, are fitted, padded, and do not have seams.

No seams? Seams will rub against your skin and cause blisters or ulcers.

Varieties of Diabetic Socks

Various sock constructions are available, including cotton blend with stretch tops, non-cotton with antimicrobial properties, compression type, and plain non-binding to allow circulation to flow more freely. Extra wide socks are available for excessive edema.

Diabetic socks may appear like regular socks and are available in both low-cut and mid-calf styles. Although various colors are available, white may be preferable for people with open wounds or sores, as this could alert wearers with compromised sensation to a draining wound. The diabetic socks should fit well, without constricting cuffs, lumps, or uncomfortable seams. The socks are generally made of a material that does not wrinkle.

Contact Dr. Jennifer Flo as she will be helpful in choosing a diabetic sock.