Three things can prevent diabetic foot problems

It is possible to avoid ulcers, amputation, painful neuropathy and poor circulation. If these things have happened already it is possible to turn things around. It is possible to live well with diabetes!

join a group
Joining a comprehensive foot care program—one that includes risk assessment, foot-care education and preventive therapy, treatment of foot problems, and referral to specialists. A program like this can reduce amputation rates by 45% to 85%.
daily foot check
Look out for color changes, texture changes, blisters, calluses, basically anything that makes your foot look or feel different than it used to. Any such changes can be a warning sign.
stay fit
Everybody knows exercise will improve your general health, lead to better blood pressure, and better circulation. But more than that, the CDC has declared that with pre-diabetes, weight loss and increase activity will prevent or delay diabetes altogether. Lifestyle interventions like exercise and weight loss are more cost-effective (in a word, cheaper) than medications.

Diabetes can lead to serious foot problems, but it doesn’t have to. Having a support system in the form of a diabetic foot program, education, and healthy body can keep diabetic foot problems at bay.