Wonderful Weirdos Day

September 9th is Wonderful Weirdos Day!

There is no normal way to celebrate this unique holiday founded by Thomas and Ruth Roy.

All of us are blessed with one or two wonderful weirdos in our lives. These are the folks who remind us to think outside the box, to be a little more true to ourselves. Today’s the day to thank them. So give them a hug, and say “I love you, you weirdo!”
~ Thomas Roy

Weirdo is obviously the noun form of the adjective weird with the origin to come from the old English word “wyrd.” However, “wyrd” doesn’t mean “weird”, at least not like we mean it. “Wyrd” was a noun that meant “fate,” or more specifically, Fate.
When Shakespeare called the witches in MacBeth the Weird Sisters, he didn’t mean they were bizarre, he meant they were the Fates, the three sisters out of Greek mythology who controlled peoples’ destinies. Shakespeare helped change the word through his works’ popularity — as the Fates faded from popular culture, Weird came to refer to the second biggest characteristic of the witches — that they were supernatural.
Supernatural is interchangeable with unnatural, which the MacBeth’s witches also were. Unnatural is just a more powerful word for strange or unusual, and thus “weird” still has all of those meanings to some degree or another.
The addition of the “–o” that turns weird into the noun weirdo is thought to come from the Middle English interjection “o,” and over time become a diminutive suffix.
The opposite of weird/weirdo is to describe a person or characteristic to be normal, typical or ordinary.