Your Eyes Love Blueberries

Benefits of Blueberries

Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps fight inflammation of the eye. Vitamin A can even be beneficial in the treatment of dry eyes.

Vitamin C

According to the “Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine,” vitamin C reduces intraocular pressure, decreasing the potential for developing glaucoma.

Vitamin E

The vitamin E in blueberries may help stop the formation of cataracts, or clouding of the eye lens.


Blueberries contain anthocyanins, which are flavonoid pigments that act as antioxidants. Anthocyanins maintain general eye health. Additionally, they may reduce inflammatory eye disease and even diabetic retinopathy, or damage to the eye due to living with diabetes.


One cup of blueberries contains 0.24 milligrams of zinc. Zinc, another important mineral for eye health, also helps protect against macular degeneration and night blindness, allowing better eye adjustment in dark conditions.