German Study Finds 1/3 of Working-Age Adults Have Dry Skin

From “Prevalence, predictors and comorbidity of dry skin in the general population.”

Bottom Line from Augustin, et al: Dry skin leaves the skin vulnerable to fungal and viral infections and can exacerbate inflammatory conditions like atopic eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis.  30% of German adults between the ages of 16 and 70 suffer from dry skin.

Authors: M. Augustin, N. Kirsten, A. Korber, D. WIlsmann-Theis, G. Itschert, P. Staubach-Renz, J-T, Maul, N. Zander.

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Objective: The purpose of this original article is to determine the prevalence of dry skin in the German Population.

Methods: Over 45000 people of working age were given whole-body examinations, including past medical history,  by experienced dermatologists.

Results: Of that groups, 29.4% were rated as having xerotic skin, with most of them being older.

Conclusions: Dry skin affects a large percentage of the adult population and this needs special attention.

My thoughts: – As a podiatrist, I see dry skin and its associated problems all day, every day. The legs and forearms have fewer sebaceous glands which makes the lower limbs a prime target. This article illustrates the prevalence of the problem and the importance of basic skin care as the key to the prevention of serious skin problems.

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